Sign Language |Lugha ya Alama

As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs. And as long as we have our films, we can preserve signs in their old purity. Its our hope we will all love and guard our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift God has given us all" -Watch the Video.
Deaf Stories.

Sign Language Experience

Is a program that show hope, love and beauty of the noblest gift God has given to deaf and us all.
Waiting 8 days
Sign Language

How do you impact the community? You start with Youth.

The youth group mentorship program aim at helping youth learn devotion, sacrifice and commitment actively in talent, passion and creativity in one or more of the allocated groups as follows Sec Correspondents., Uni Correspondents, The Rival Youth (TRY), Broadcasting Team (BT), Young Inspirational Speakers (YIS) & Talent Fashion Design Arts Decoration and Catering (TFD). Youth required to be disciplined, committed and ready in weekly or monthly bases for mentorship, meetings and events participation.

We also have start-up projects program aim at helping people turning a passion or dream in to a business / social entrepreneurship. We brings a unique set of experiences to the project and its impact to the community. Our one year program is designed to help you gain traction through deep mentor engagement, rapid interaction cycles, registration and fundraising preparation.

Elimu Afrika | Video.

Tizama kwa makini hoja maridhawa kuhusu taasisi yetu, malengo, dira, maudhui na uelekeo wetu katika shughuli za jamii.

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Prof. Raymond Mosha

Advisory Board Chairperson.

Mr. Daniel

Founder, Secretary of the Board.

Judge Dr. Eliamani Laltaika

Advisory Board Member.

Irene A. Mollel

Advisory Board Member.

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